Soooo, I finally finished this pic for my buddy Pimptav, who’s been having a rough time lately. Hope everything gets worked out!


Ok, everyone’s names/urls redone in powerpoint with a more accurate representation of my colors. (michele i’ll do yours don’t worry. there just wasn’t room on this slide)

The background is gray because that’s how I see it in my head.


pimptav it has come to my attention that we have had a nice mutual following going on for an extended period of time and i just think you should know you’re pretty awesome


is this the ‘tell pimp he’s awesome’ night????

this is fucking killer!

get the beer and the…party…STUFF


pimptav replied to your post:

awww i love my theme now

i jUST LIKE BEING ABLE TO SEE CAPTIONS IN PICTURES my old theme didnt have that i was so sad cause sometimes really funny things are under iT AND wow you cant see it if the captions dont showwww ;~;

ahh…well where i get my themes never have a theme where the captions show…

but i love my theme uwu


My most awesome moirail sent me a surprise present today! BRB spending the rest of my winter like this <> ILU5EVER WHIT <>


can’t type with all these hude sausages in my mouth

tude sausages

oh mgod ic atn type

tude sausages


oh i want a silly doodle…maybe of horuss??

poor thingie, he doesn’t know that’s a dick



Woo! Pimptav is following me!


Welcome and thank you! hope you don’t mind a ton of Tom Hiddleston and other Marvel related people/things on your dash haha

fuck yes

i need more of that on my dash