why Tavros Nitram is simply the best there is







  1. Tavros Nitram likes slam poetry and flarping and card games where everyone wins.
  2. He is hilarious: “Okay, I, for the time being and for the sake of this fantasy scenario, I pretend that my cat allergies aren’t that bad.”
  3. This whole exchange between Aradia and him: “None of the really useful combat abilities come into play until you reach a very high level but I suppose it will be rewarding when you get there” ”Yeah, I think you’re right, but it’s the class I think is most fun, and battle skill is not all there is to being a great adventurer”
  4. He has really sweet powers -the power to mind control the imps and consorts.
  5. Tavros Nitram is a baby English major: “whereas, I’ll address some topic pertaining to my interests, and I guess, personal motifs” and  “Ooh, bro, these are without any confusion to be noted as some truly unhealthy incendiaries, they are in above average need of medical attention, so, in other words, just to complete the analogy, I hope you know a licensed physician.” I mean, look at that extended metaphor! It brings my tear to my eye.

His room is also covered in pictures of SEXY FAIRIES 

This is an important character trait to recall 

plus he is a page which is like a baby knight!!!!


Tavros Nitram ain’t no woobie.



also let’s not forget this wonderful log